Tree Trimming

Your trees should be pruned every 3-5 years to ensure they are healthy and growing in the right direction. If it has been awhile since your trees have been trimmed, Call our team of experts at Silverson Tree for a free consultation.

We do all types of tree trimming from Palm Trees to oaks, palmettos, pines, maples and about any other tree you can think of. We bring in the right equipment and personnel to trim your trees effectively and safely and take pride in not using spikes on your trees. Besides making your trees look great we always vow to leave your property in better or the same condition than when we arrived.

Pinellas County's Trusted Arborist

Trimming oak trees is a task that needs to be taken seriously. We have heard almost a dozen stories of individuals hurting themselves attempting to trim their oak trees themselves. We have cared for more oak trees than we can count and always leave the customer happy. It truly is amazing how good an oak tree looks after properly trimmed. Silverson Tree Service will make sure your Oak Tree looks better than it ever has.

Tree Pruning = Healthy Trees

What is tree pruning you ask? Tree pruning is the process of maintaining a tree by removing undesired parts of it. There is not just one reason tree pruning is necessary. It is very common for a tree to grow in a misdirected or off-balance way due to how mother nature treats it (ie: sun, wind or obstructions). Structured tree pruning is when we carefully select part of the tree to prune in order to form a durable branch scaffold system. It is recommended to start selective pruning a tree from the conception of being planted. Selective Tree Pruning provides many benefits all making sure your tree looks better than any tree in the neighborhood. Your trees are alive and living. The better they are cared for the better the grow and look. At Silverson Tree Service we take extreme pride in our Tree pruning services and hope we are given the opportunity to show you what we can do.

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I've heard the term tree thining, what is that?

Tree Thinning is a process of tree trimming that greatly increases the amount of light your tree receives. We carefully remove unwanted small branches to reduce the tree's crown density allowing for more light to be accepted by the tree. Tree Thinning also allows for more air flow to be received to the tree which plays a big factor in the overall health of the tree. If the tree thinning, tree pruning or tree trimming process are done incorrectly, unfortunately, it can permanently damage the tree causing irreversible damage. Silverson Tree Service is the company and Aborist Pinellas County trusts to take care of all their tree service needs. Give us a call anytime with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We provide services mainly in Pinellas County. The main cities include Seminole, Saint Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Largo, Clearwater, and all surrounding towns.

Services we offer include Tree Services, Tree Trimming, Tree & Stump Removal, and Hurricane Cleanup!

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